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BUG-A-SALTTMpatent pendingThe Original Salt Gun

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Is the gun dangerous?
No, only if misused: Do not shoot anyone in face or eyes. Treat it with respect like any firearm. It will not penetrate skin or damage furniture
What kind of salt does it use?
Any ordinary granulated table salt
Will the salt splatter the bug?
No, the bug will remain whole for easy clean up
How much salt does the gun shoot?
A pinch of salt
What is the accuracy range of the gun?
Within 3 feet is ideal. Practice accuracy by shooting aluminum foil to see salt spray pattern
How many shots before I need to reload?
The gun will hold about 50 shots before reloading
Will the Bug-a-salt Gun kill a roach or wasp?
A good point-blank shot will do 'em in!
Will the Bug-a-salt Gun kill mosquitoes?
The Bug-a-salt is extremely effective at killing mosquitoes.